I.T. Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Lemington Consulting provides a wide variety of I.T. infratructure as a service (IaaS) solutions for business and organizations internationally. Whether your organization needs to expand existing I.T. infrastructure to the cloud, provide redundancy for on premise email servers, replication information across the country or around the world, or integration with existing cloud infrasture, Lemington Consulting has the extensive experience and expertise to design implement a custom IaaS cloud solution for your organization.

Migrate existing on premise servers file servers, database servers, and application servers to the cloud seemless and easily to provide easier management and increased scalability of your organization's I.T. infrastructure. Explore the numerous options for local, zone, and geo redundancies that allow you to design a custom configuration for your I.T. infrastructure in virtually any scenario.

Lemigton Consulting's certified professional help you design the optimum I.T. infrastructure for your organization and the provide the deployment support to make this optimal design a reality. Contact us to talk about to use cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to meet your business goals, and increase your organization's operational efficiency and collaboration.

Lemington Consulting's cloud and hybrid cloud solutions provide your organization with the flexibility to design and manage a custom I.T. infrastructure to meet the needs of nearly any organization by:

  • Providing easy to provision, highly scalable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities with geo-redundant replication to ensure your organization's critical information is protected in any scenario.
  • Custom virtual servers of using a wide variety of operating systems, database platforms (e.g. SQL Server), and application configurations to provide the flexibility to easily extend your organization's on premise I.T. infrastructure.
  • Virtual networks, virtual WANs and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to allow for custom and secure networking of your organization's cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Geo-redundancy to allow your organization to replicate critical infrastructure to different parts of the country or different parts of the world to protect your organization in the event of virtually any disaster recover or business continuity situation.
  • Microsoft Azure Site Protection to ensure protection of critical on premise I.T. infrasture to allow for immediate and full recovery in the event of disaster.
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender to keep both your on premise and cloud I.T. infrastructure secure from virtually any threat.

For more information about Lemington Consulting's I.T. security consulting and I.T. security assessments and how they can assist your organization, please contact us.