Remote Monitoring And Management (RMM)

Lemington Consulting provides best in class remote monitoring and management (RMM) for client networks and endpoints, both servers and workstations, to proactively manage and support client issues before they become bigger issues. This proactive management of client I.T. assets and network security results in less downtime, increased worker and organization productivity, increased network and data security, and lower overall I.T. costs.

With Lemington Consulting's RMM solution monitoring your organizations systems 24/7, clients have greater piece of mind regarding their I.T. infrastructure and its reliability. Our RMM solution provides for automated patching of server and client workstations and allows for patching of thire-party applications as well.

Lemington's user friendly ticketing system allows users to submit support tickets quickly and easily and to monitor the resolution of their issue until it is resolved. Clients and workstations can be remotely accessed without user intervention to improve resolution speed and maintain productivity by not interrupting workers and allow support staff to resolve in off hours.

Lemington Consulting's remote monitoring and management solution provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • Unified I.T. management software to provide comprehensive support for all of your organization's I.T. assets.
  • Automated patch deployment to servers and clients to keep your organization up-to-date and secure from threats.
  • Automated support ticket routing to make sure the right support person receives your support requests increasing responsiveness.
  • Endpoint security monitoring and protection to nuetralize external threats and keep your organization secure.
  • I.T. asset inventory and compliance management to assist with audits and regulatory requirements.
  • A detailed audit trail of I.T. related activity which provides granular breakdown and how I.T. assets are being used and by whom.

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