Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance

Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance is an intellignece cloud database service that is fully managed and always up to date. Azure SQL Managed Instance is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model always based on the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server software allowing you to maintain SQL Server compatibility for hybrid scenarios, disaster recovery, and business continuity scenarios.

Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance provides hybrid flexibility with the ability to work between on premise SQL Server instances and Azure SQL Managed Instance. With the link feature, which enables near realtime data replication between on premise SQL Server instances and Azure SQL Managed instances, you can scale out your workloads, and/or offload analytic or reporting workloads to the cloud. Enhanced security keeps your data safe and secure from external threats.

With Azure SQL Managed Instance, you are always running the latest version of SQL Server with automated updates. Lower your overall costs by leveraging Azure SQL Managed Instance versus comparable alternatives. Built-in high availability, accelarated database recovery, and automated backups make your database administration more efficient with overall lower costs.

For answers to common questions regarding Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance please visit our SQL Server Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Lemington Consulting develops, migrates, integrates, and administrates Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance to allow your ogranization to leverage the following benefits:

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Datbase leverages serverless compute options to simplify performance management and help organizations build applications faster.
  • SQL Server Database Architecture & Design
  • Support for Linked Servers, cross-database queries, and Windows Authentication.
  • Leverage the Azure Hybrid Benefit which allows organizations to leverage their existing SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to save up to 55% on pricing.
  • Leverage intelligent threat protection to remediate real-time potential threats.
  • Multi-layer security with built in security controls including network security, encryption, and access and key management.
  • Protect your data with Always Encrypted technology using encryption keys completely seperate to the database engine.
  • Broadest SQL Server compatibility available including all SQL Server versions back to SQL Server 2008.
  • Use AI-powered automatic database tuning to optimize database performance with very little effort.

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