Microsoft Windows 365 Subscriptions and Support

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC solutions is for organizations that want a easy way to buy, deploy, and manage PCs in the cloud. Customize the amount of virtual processors, RAM, and cloud hard drive storage to meet each employee's needs. Pay for only what you need, and reimage a PC in no time. Access the virtual PC from anywhere there is an Internet connection. All of this, without the time consuming hardware support necessary with onsite PCs.

With Enterprise plans, leverage the power of Windows Enterprise Edition for your organization. Leverage the Hybrid Cloud Benefit to save on your Windows 365 licensing costs when you using Windows 365 in conjunction with an existing on premise Windows 11 Pro or Windows 10 Pro PC. Use your OneDrive account to sync user profiles between your on premise PC and your Windows 365 cloud PC.

Currently, Windows 365 is available for enterprises, medium and small businesses (up to 300 users), and government. Integrations exist with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Access Windows 365 cloud PCs from a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), or a web browser supporting HTML 5. This allows users to use a browser on a non-Windows based machine (e.g. Apple Mac) to access their Windows 365 cloud PC.

Lemington Consulting's Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud subscriptions and support provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Easy to manage and maintain a cloud based PC accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection. With no PC hardware to manage and maintain you free yourself from the day to day I.T. support necessary to support on premise workstations.
  • Integrate Windows 365 cloud PCs with existing cloud infrasture including OneDrive, Teams, etc., to provide your organization with a truly flexible solution for managing its I.T. infrasture.
  • Improve flexibility and scalability of your organization's I.T. infrastructure by provisioning new Windows 365 cloud PCs in minutes, without having to purchase and configure hardware onsite.
  • Improve organizational security by bringing all Windows 365 cloud based PCs under a consistent and reliable security framework based on Azure Active Directory.
  • Relieve your organization of the duties associated with managing hardware assets and disposal of obsolete equipment.
  • Easily upgrade Windows 365 cloud based PCs' resources depending on need and avoid the need for time consuming hardware upgrades and replacement cycles.

For more information about Microsoft Windows 365 subscriptions and licensing, please contact us.