Microsoft 365 SharePoint Customizations and Support

In today's technology driven world, workforce collaboration has become essential to businesses and organizations looking to stay competitive, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Microsoft® 365 SharePoint Server provides a flexible, easy-to-manage solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes increase collaboration among internal workers as well as external business partners and customers. Best of all, Microsoft 365 SharePoint collaboration comes with most Microsoft 365 business subscriptions.

Lemington Consulting, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, can assist your organization, whatever its size, design, develop, customize and deploy a Microsoft® 365 SharePoint solution to increase worker productivity, smooth workflow, automate business processes and provide tighter integration with external partners.

With Microsoft 365 SharePoint your organization can facilitate document sharing among co-workers through document libraries, collobrate on projects with employees and external business partners, and share information across your organization. In addition, your organization can integrate your existing Microsoft Office application data from Outlook, Access, and Excel into your Microsoft 365 SharePoint sites.

Lemington Consulting's Microsoft 365 SharePoint customizations and services provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Microsoft 365 SharePoint can empower teamwork through document sharing, team and project collaboration, and sharing information across your organization.
  • Leverage Microsoft 365 SharePoint's inherent search capability to make organization information searchable and easy to find.
  • Collaborate across your organization by creating custom team websites for specific projects, or specific functional areas to improve information sharing and worker productivity.
  • Integrate SharePoint information with Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to leverage SharePoint information in workbook and document creation.
  • Utilize Microsoft 365 SharePoint's granular security infrastructure to protect sensitive information, create retention policies for documents for legal compliance, and classify information for better organization.
  • Integrate Micrsoft 365 SharePoint with Microsoft Teams for better collaboration across your organization with external business partners.
  • Leverage Microsoft 365 SharePoint customizable interface to create custom web pages built to your exact needs without the need for programming.

For more information about Microsoft 365 SharePoint customizations and services, please contact us.