I.T. Security, Antivirus, & Malware Protection

The I.T. security challenges facing today's organizations have never been greater. SPAM, viruses, malware, spoofing, and network security are just a few of the challenges in properly securing your organization's I.T. infrastructure. Lemington Consulting has the vast array of security solutions and consulting expertise to provide meaningful and realtime I.T. security for your organization's I.T. assets.

Use Lemington Consulting's Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution to monitor your organization's I.T. infrastructure 24/7. Leverage our advanced threat protection solutions to secure your network. Lemington Consulting provides a combination of endpoint security, network security, encryption, and other I.T. security technologies to provide a holistic solution to your organization's I.T. security.

Leverage our network penetration testing to make your I.T. network as secure as possible. Proactively, find vulnerabilities and fix them before there is a security breach not after. Gain added piece of mind from knowing that your organization's network and I.T. infrastructure as safe, reliable and secure.

Lemington Consulting's remote monitoring and management solution provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • I.T. endpoint security including antivirus, antimalware, and firewall protection.
  • I.T. security assesments that look at your entire I.T. organization and provide a comprehensive plan to secure your I.T. assets.
  • Identity and Assess Management assessments around the principle of least privileges to make sure your data and confidential information are only available to those who need to see it.
  • Encrypt and manage important information in a way that makes it safe from external threats.
  • Penetration testing to validate your network and I.T. assets are secure and invulnerable to attack.
  • Regular I.T. security reviews to help maintain the security of your organization's infrastructure over the long term as well as comply with regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

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