Fully Managed Microsoft Azure SQL Databases

Lemington Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in SQL Server consulting for businesses and organizations nationwide, and internationally. As a certified provider of Microsoft SQL Server solutions, Lemington Consulting can assist your organization in leveraging Microsoft Azure SQL Database cloud services to increase efficiency and scalability, and reduce costs.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a fully managed SQL Server database in the cloud that is highly scalable, flexible, and easy to use for your business applications, and business analytics needs. Being a fully managed SQL database, the database software is updated automatically without user intervention. Automated backups ensure data redundancy and data protection. Enhanced security keeps your data safe and secure from external threats.

Migrate your existing SQL workloads to Microsoft Azure SQL Database to save on internal hardware and software costs. Microsoft Azure SQL Database can scale on demand to allow your organization to quickly adjust to rapid increases in resource needs to meet the seasonal business demands. Long-term commitments allow your organization to drive significant costs reductions over the long term.

For answers to common questions regarding Microsoft Azure SQL Database please visit our SQL Server Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Lemington Consulting develops, migrates, integrates, and administrates Microsoft Azure SQL databases to allow your ogranization to leverage the following benefits:

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Datbase leverages serverless compute options to simplify performance management and help organizations build applications faster.
  • SQL Server Database Architecture & Design
  • Utilize Microsoft Azure SQL Elastic Pools to share resources across multiple database for greater efficiency and scalability.
  • Leverage the Azure Hybrid Benefit which allows organizations to leverage their existing SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to save up to 55% on pricing.
  • Leverage intelligent threat protection to remediate real-time potential threats.
  • Multi-layer security with built in security controls including network security, encryption, and access and key management.
  • Protect your data with Always Encrypted technology using encryption keys completely seperate to the database engine.

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