Virtual CIO Services

Lemington Consulting's extensive experience in the I.T. industry dating back to the late 1970s gives it a unique position to understand and analyze your organization's I.T. strategy and align this strategy with your business and organizational goals. From I.T. strategic planning to I.T. Governance, to I.T. policies and planning Lemington brings its extensive and broad experience and deep technology understanding to your business or organizational planning process.

Whether it is designing an I.T. strategy from scratch or analyzing and reinvigorating an existing I.T. strategy, Lemington Consulting has the know how and compentence to assist your business or organization in its I.T. planning process. This involves not only technology planning and assessments but also designing and building the right organizational structure to bring your plans and goals to reality.

Lemington can assist your organization with designing and implementing I.T. processes utilizing the latest technologies and best in class methodologies to maximum your business's I.T. investment return, increase workforce collaboration, streamline business workflows, and optimize I.T. assets.

Lemington Consulting's virtual CIO services allow your organization to leverage our expertise to supplement and compliment your organization's existing resources by:

  • Assessing your organizations current I.T. and business strategy and working to align your I.T. strategy to fully support your business strategy and objectives.
  • Breaking down I.T. technology strategy and reorganizing I.T. assets to deliver optimum performance in support of the organization's I.T. strategy.
  • Designing I.T. Governance strategy and detailed implementation plans to ensure the organization's I.T. strategy is fully implemented on an ongoing basis.
  • Assessing overall I.T. security strategy to ensure protection of critical information and assets, and robust testing to ensure such strategy delivers on a continuing basis.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning and scenario analysis to allow your organization to respond quickly and smoothly in the event of an unforeseen eventuality.
  • I.T. policy and planning to develop the core, essential policies to guide your I.T. strategy over the long term.

For more information about Lemington Consulting's Virtual CIO Services and how they can assist your organization, please contact us.